Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Onyx Eyes - Delights And Tears

ONYX EYES is a progressive metal band from Chemnitz, Germany consisting of Ines (vocals), Sören (guitar), Denis (keyboard, vocals), Alex (guitar), Mart (bass) and Josch (drums). The band formed in late 2005, when Ines, Sören, and Josch left their previous band over musical differences and the line-up was complete by the beginning of 2006.

ONYX EYES are heavily influenced with the ambient qualities of Gothic Metal and focus on melody and compositions. They feature clean vocals of Ines and Denis, create ambient soundscapes with intriguing nuances and flourishes. They are recommended for fans of THE GATHERING, LEAVES EYES, TRISTANIA, and gothic metal.

Line-up / Musicians

- Ines / vocals
- Soren / guitars
- Denis / keyboards, vocals
- Alex / guitars
- Mart / bass
- Josch / drums

Album : Delights And Tears
Band : Onyx Eyes
Type : Studio
Release : 2008
Country : Germany
Genre(s) : Progressive Metal, Gothic

1. Persephone's Light
2. Under The Same Sun
3. The One
4. Ask
5. Onyx Eyes
6. Hopes
7. Purple Rivers
8. Siren
9. Your Fear
10. Interlude
11. Lost In The Past
12. Ask (Remix)

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