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Discography of "Hacride" Band

Hacride biography
HACRIDE formed in Poitiers,France in 2001.The band consists of members Adrien Grousset (guitars),Olivier Laffond (drums),Benoist Danneville (bass) and Samuel Bourreau (vocals) and their music is a nice blend of tech/extreme prog metal,death and thrash.

In 2003 HACRIDE independently released a 3 song demo titled "Cyanide Echoes".The band then signed on to Listenable Records and released their first full-length album "Deviant Current Signals",which was critically acclaimed,in 2005.

A full year was spent writing for their sophomore effort,and then HACRIDE spent a grueling 4 months in the studio.The result was "Amoeba",released in 2007.An album which is at the same time progressive,extreme & open minded,"Amoeba" features powerful vocals,excellent production,intricate polyrhythms and chunky riffing.

HACRIDE'S music,for point of reference,is similar to their countrymen GOJIRA and they are highly recommended.

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Line-up / Musicians

Adrien Grousset / guitar
Olivier Laffond / drums
Benoist Danneville / bass
Samuel Borreau / vocals

This, They Discography with 3 Albums,

Hacride - Deviant Current Signal

Album : Deviant Current Signal
Band : Hacride
Type : Studio
Release : 2005
Country : France
Genre(s) : Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

1. Human Monster
3. This Place
4. Polarity
5. Flesh Lives On
6. Protect
7. Cold (demo version)
8. Down (demo version)

Hacride - Amoeba

Album : Amoeba
Band : Hacride
Type : Studio
Release : 2007
Country : France
Genre(s) : Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

1. Perturbed
2. Fate
3. Vision Of Hate
4. Zambra (Ojos De Brujo Cover)
5. Liquid
6. Cycle
7. Deprived Of Soul
8. Strength
9. Ultima Necat
10. On The Threshold Of Death

Hacride - Lazarus

Album : Lazarus
Band : Hacride
Type : Studio
Release : 2009
Country : France
Genre(s) : Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

1. To Walk Among Them
2. Act Of God
3. Lazarus
4. Phenomenon
5. A World Of Lies
6. Awakening
7. My Enemy

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